Excerpt from BUST

“There is no downside to this muddy dream. It tightened my skin, shrunk my giant pores, and complimented my brown eyes quite nicely.”

“Nothing makes you feel more like a real girl than putting on an awesome mud mask. It’s a little scary when it starts to tighten up like an Egyptian death mask, but that’s just part of the scientific de-aging process.”

“Mud + Sarah + BFF. This is the best thing I’ve ever put on my face. It even does that thing where your skin hurts so good from getting so toned.”

Excerpt from EAST WEST WOMEN

“For homespun treat, pick up a tub of powered bentonite or French green clay at your local health-food store and mix up a batch of you own. Or try M Of The Face, an all-natural mud mined from the European Alps that exfoliates, purifies and boosts circulation.”


Excerpt from THE FLOWER REPORT (www.Emakemeup.com)

www.emakeup.com Christina.

DERMASCOPE Magazine, May 2009