M OF THE FACE - The Mud Mask For Men & Women - is made of pure, natural mineral saline mud which is obtained during the extraction process from the salt and clay rock at Berchtesgaden salt mine with the addition of the natural salt water only. M OF THE FACE contains no other additives or preservatives.

The source of this mineral salt water is several hundred metres below ground level and is thus absolutely safe from adverse environmental effects.

The mask obtained from the mineral water and the mineral clay rock is a homogeneous material with a soft, pliable, paste-like consistency, similar to marine mud or fango.

The product is used as a face mask for thorough cleansing and cosmetic care.
The salt concentration is 6 to 8 times higher than that of marine salt water and thus promotes osmotic stimulation of the skin metabolism, boosting the natural regulatory function of the epidermis.

M OF THE FACE has no specific hydrating or dehydrating properties and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

On oily or combination skins, it has a lasting matt effect and helps to refine skin texture. Used on normal and dry skins, it boosts circulation and gives a fresh appearance.

This is the ideal skin preparation before application of the preferred care product.

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